70s costumes for women

The iconic bell bottom white suit with black shirt and platform shoes is a 70’s costume staple that surprisingly never gets old. And while the star of that outfit and era was John Travolta, you could easily wear a similar looking suit as a woman. Of course, there are other 70’s costumes for women that will conjure up memories of big Afros, glittery one piece jumpsuits and mirror balls. Check out thrift shops and retro fashion stores for some inexpensive throw-backs to the 70’s glitz and glamour, or simply get yourself a pre-made disco-inspired Halloween outfit.
70s costumes for women:
70s costumes for women
70s costumes for women pictured:
Left: Dreamgirl Stayin Alive 70s Disco Costume
Middle: 70s Disco Fever Diva Adult Halloween Costume Size 8-12 Medium/Large
Right: California Costumes Women’s Boogie Babe Costume

One reason why seventies fashion is so perfect for costume parties is that the fashion then was just lain outrageous and fun.

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