Kids firefighter costume with accessories

Whether for Halloween, a theatrical school production or dress-up day,
outfitting your little guy or gal in a firefighting costume is only
half the battle. You’ll also need to accessorize him or her with those
instantly recognizable props necessary for little firefighters to do
their job. Plastic play axes, fire-hoses, walkie-talkies and
extinguishers can make your young one feel like the real deal.
Kids firefighter costume with accessories:

Kids firefighter costume with accessories pictured: Fire Chief Role Play Costume, Fireman Dress Up, Fire Fighter Outfit, Pretend Role Play Kit Set, Rescue Tools, Firefighter Present for Ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Year Olds Kids Toddler Children – iPlay, iLearn

Kickboxing Shorts for Men

If you’re considering buying a pair of kickboxing shorts for the man in your life make sure to discuss with them first the exact specifications needed for them to fight or spar unencumbered. All kickboxing shorts are not made equally and as you might imagine, such attire needs to allow the fighter to move freely in comfort – both offensively and defensively – and with full flexibility. Style and look are also important so make sure you know what your fighter likes before plunking down your cash.
Kickboxing Shorts for Men:

Kickboxing Shorts for Men pictured: Ringside Pro-Style Kickboxing Muay Thai MMA Training Gym Clothing Shorts Boxing Trunks, royal, white

Womens Steampunk Hat for Costume

One of the main fashion elements in a woman’s steampunk themed costume is the headdress. A simple leather or suede top hat makes a great costume addition once it has been adorned with a variety of steampunk themed accessories. Embellishments like sew-on snaps, safety pins, double-cap rivets, lace, netting, feathers and other similar attachments can go a long way to ensure the right look. And don’t forget, you can also decorate the top of your hat as well if so desired.
Womens Steampunk Hat for Costume:

Womens Steampunk Hat for Costume pictured: Forum Novelties Ladies Brown Velvet Ornate Steampunk Mini Top Hat Headband.