Rolling printer stand

When you don’t have the space in your home or apartment for a home office, a rolling printer stand can be an efficient way to keep your printer, laptop and other essential items in one movable space, ready to go. This way, you can easily go from room to room if need be without having to disconnect and carry each item back and forth.
Rolling printer stand:
Rolling printer stand
Rolling printer stands pictured:
Left: Safco Impromptu Machine Stand, Black (1857BL)
Right: Scoot Desk-Side Printer Stand

It is a good idea to get something with locking wheels. As you may have noticed, printers can really sway and shake, to the point where they can make your entire desk move. If on a wheeled cart, the printer may make the stand roll around the floor when it is printing.
Rolling printer stand - b
Kantek 2-Shelf Mobile Printer Stand, Holds up to 75 Pounds, 17 x 13.25 x 14.13 Inches, Black (PS510)

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