Adjustable height folding table legs

If you’re looking to add or subtract a few inches to a desk or table to accommodate a growing child, or if you need more leg room under a table for someone in a wheelchair, a set of adjustable height folding table legs can help provide the flexibility of height when needed. These types of legs are often seen on “card tables”, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t sturdy. It just depends on the model and how much you are willing to pay. Keep in mind that for maximum usage, you’ll need quality folding legs made from heavy gauge steel that are welded properly for long lasting results.
Adjustable height folding table legs:
Adjustable height folding table legs
Adjustable height folding table legs pictured:
Left: AP Products 013-070 Adjustable Folding Table Leg
Right: AP Products 013-135 Adjustable Folding Table Leg

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