Wool Jeep Cap

The Jeep cap – a knitted hat with a visor – is known to some as a beanie visor skull cap, and to fans of the MASH TV show as a Radar hat. Whatever you call it, it’s a great hat. It combines the warmth of a knitted hat with the practicality of a visor, which is especially useful when it is snowing. They can be made of acrylic, but the purist will appreciate the ones made entirely out of wool.
Wool Jeep Cap:
Wool Jeep Cap - 2
Wool Jeep Caps pictured:
Top: Wool Jeep Cap,in olive drab and black.
Bottom left: Genuine Government Issue 100% Wool Jeep Cap Visor Beanie – Black- currently unavailable
Bottom right: US Army Wool Military Jeep Cap Hat

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