Wooden wine rack kit

Wine racks do a very simple job. They just hold bottles sideways. For this reason, if you are handy it should be fairly easy to build one yourself. If you get a kit, it should be even easier. There are cases however, when the price of a rack is on sale at a price so low that it is cheaper than a kit. You can wait and watch for those kinds of specials, or you could stick to building your own, and having the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself.
Wooden wine rack kit:
Wooden wine rack kit
Wooden wine rack kits pictured:
Left: Wooden 126 Bottle Standard Wine Cellar Storage Rack Kit in Ponderosa Pine
Right: Wine Racks America® Cellar Rack 2 Column in Premium Redwood. 13 Gorgeous Stains to Choose From! Capacity: 36 Bottles

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