Womens pirate costume

Step aside Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow and make way for Anne Bonney and Mary Read, two famous ladies of the 18th century who were full-blown pirates, feared on the high seas. When considering dressing up in a woman’s pirate costume, a simple long leather coat, brown vest, white ruffled shirt, thick black belt and red waist sash should add a bit of authenticity to your pirate look. Of course, an old looking pistol and over-the-shoulder sword sheath with a buccaneer sword inside should help seal the look.
Womens pirate costume:

Womens pirate costumes pictured:
Left: Pirates of The Seven Seas Pirate Wench – Adult Standard
Middle: California Costumes Sexy Swashbuckler Set
Right: Womens Authentic Caribbean Pirate Costume

Other possible accessories could include an eye patch and a toy parrot to perch on your shoulder. Some costumes will include boot covers. These are meant to make your own footwear look more like pirate boots. It may not be completely convincing, but it is inexpensive. You can go for that solution, or simply wear boots that could pass as pirate boots. Another fun thing to add to your costume is jewelry: lots of bracelets, necklaces and rings look great. This can be cheap jewelry, as you are going for an overall effect – representing treasures looted on the high seas.

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