Womens grim reaper costume

There are two important elements to a reaper costume: some sort of black hooded robe, cloak or cape, and a scythe (or sickle). If you want your costume to really look right, your face should not really be visible. This means you would have to wear some kind of black head covering (one you can still see through), which some costumes do include. But there are other takes on the reaper look. In fact some womens grim reaper outfits are even rather sexy. Be aware that is is unlikely that the scythe will be included with the costume.
Womens grim reaper costume:
Womens grim reaper costume
Womens grim reaper costumes pictured:
Left: Grim Reaper Womens Sexy Theatre Costumes Adult Medium Large X-Large
Right: Adult 68″ Black Hooded Cape – Black

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