Womens blue boardshorts

No matter if you are a pro surfer or just a beginner, if you’re going to be in the water on a board, chances are you want to wear what all the cool people are wearing. For women, this usually consists of a bikini top, rash guard and “boardies” or board shorts. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from and if you’re concerned about possibly losing your shorts when you’re out in the water, consider wearing a bikini bottom as an undergarment just in case.
Womens blue boardshorts:
Womens blue boardshorts
Womens blue boardshorts pictured:
Left: Maui Rippers Women’s Lifeguard Board Shorts– navy
Middle: Kanu Surf Women’s Marina Board Shorts– aqua
Right: Maui Rippers Women’s Board Shorts– royal blue

The good thing about these shorts is that they have a drawstring.

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