Womens black faux-leather leggings

There is no question that real leather has certain qualities that imitation fabrics simply cannot match. But in some cases, for some garments fake leather can actually be preferable. A pair of leggings, or any garment that is very tight, actually benefits from faux-leather, since this fabric is thinner, lighter and easier to work with than the real stuff. The result are pants that are really skin-tight, like any good leggings should be.
Womens black faux-leather leggings:
Womens black faux-leather leggings
Womens black faux-leather leggings pictured:
1- Sakkas Shiny Liquid Metallic High Waist Stretch Leggings – Made in USA
2- Bloom’s Outlet Womens Polyurethane Leather High Waist Leggings Tight Pant LG27
3- Glamorous Women’s Faux Leather Leggings
4- LeggingsQueen Black Faux Leather Leggings

These types of leggings can be dressed up and they make great clubwear. They can also be casual when paired with a simple T-shirt. Since leggings are tight around the ankles, they will showcase your footwear, so your choice of shoe is important.

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