Womens black cotton robe

A bathrobe can be more than just something comfy you put on after a bath or a shower. It can also be lounge-wear. There are different sizes available, the short ones only go down to the thighs, mid-length models go down above the knee, and the longest models reach as far down as your ankles. If your main concern is getting warm after a bath, especially in a cold house or apartment, the latter style may be the way to go. Also look at how thick the robe is, and how absorbent the fabric is. A favorite fabric for bathrobes is cotton, which is both comfortable and absorbent.
Womens black cotton robe:
Womens black cotton robe
Womens black cotton robe
Left: Jockey Women’s Robe
Middle: Del Rossa Women’s Terry Cloth Cotton Full Length Bathrobe
Right: Jockey Women’s Plus-Size Robe

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