Wide leather watch band

If you’re a leather fan or just need a strap for a big watch, a wide leather watch band may be the perfect fit for you. Simple, yet manly, some might say that a wide leather watch strap harkens back to the 1970’s wide lapels fashion sense, which may be true. However, it is a rugged looking strap that you won’t be concerned about when doing hard labor intensive jobs, but will still look good when on a night on the town.
Wide leather watch bands:
Wide leather watch band
Wide leather watch bands pictured:
Left: Nemesis #THL-B Wide Brown Leather Cuff Watch Band
Right: Nemesis #IN-BS Wide Brown Leather Cuff Wrist Watch Band

Lately, the size of watches has increased by a lot. In fact if you want a small man’s watch, you may have trouble finding one. Big watches are fashionable, but with a big dial, a narrow bracelet may look wrong and awkward, and so a wide band is usually preferable.

Wide leather watch band - b
Nemesis #BN-K Black Wide Leather Cuff Wrist Watch Band

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