Vampire Halloween costumes for women

One of the more popular costumes come Halloween night is that of the eternal bloodsucker: the Vampire. Vampire Halloween costumes for adult women provide a great balance between horrific and sexy. Think Vampirella! The traditional vampire costume should feature a long flowing black or burgundy dress with a stand up collar and cape along with black and tattered elbow length gloves. And of course, no vampire costume would be complete without a set of bloody fangs to throw fear into the hearts of your friends or family. At least for that one night.
Vampire Halloween costumes for women:

Vampire Halloween costumes for women pictured:
Left: In Character Costumes, LLC Women’s Gothic Vampira Gown
Middle: California Costumes Women’s Blood Thirsty Beauty Costume,Black/Burgundy,3-5
Right: FunWorld Goth Maiden Vamp Costume

Some of these costumes consist of a dress with a separate cape, but sometimes the cape and dress are actually just one garment sewn together. So if you want a separate cape, make sure that is what you are getting before you buy. You may also want to get a wig or color your hair black.
Vampire Halloween costumes for women - b
left: California Costumes Women’s Madame Macabre Costume, Black/Red,Large
middle: California Costumes Women’s Blood Thirsty Beauty Costume, Black/Burgundy, Medium
right: InCharacter Costumes Women’s Plus-Size Midnight Vampires

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