Under sofa snack table

When you don’t have a coffee table or side table to keep your snacks and beverages on, an under-the-sofa snack table can be a handy item to have around the house. These type of snack tables can easily slip under your sofa and over the seat. They are also usually narrow in nature and while they may not work as well as a TV tray when you’re eating in front of the TV, they can still be perfect for a few snack bowls and beverage containers to keep close by.
Under sofa snack table:
Under sofa snack table
Under sofa snack tables pictured:
Left: Coaster 900280 Snack Table with Burnished Copper Base, Brown
Right: Robin TV Dinner Tray / Table End Side Sofa Storage Wood

Instead of storing the table away when it is not in use, like one would do with a traditional tray table, these types of tables can be used as side tables as well.

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