Triple Laundry Sorter

The task of doing laundry is made much easier when dirty clothes are organized by whites and colors, which is why having a two-bin laundry hamper is a must for any busy household. If you also take clothes to the dry cleaner, you then may find a hamper with triple laundry sorter bins is a great help when trying to organize which clothes will be washed at home and which ones need to go to the dry cleaners.
Triple Laundry Sorter:
Triple Laundry Sorter - 2
Triple Laundry Sorter pictured: Hampton Bay 37 Inch White Triple Tilt Out Hamper, TRIPLE, WHITE

Some of these sorters are very simple – a metal frame on which bags are hooked. Others are more like a piece of furniture, and can be quite attractive. These may have one door that reveals three laundry bags, or three separate doors, each with its own bag.

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