Toy pots and pans

When children are little, they love to help mommy or daddy in the kitchen. Sometimes though, they can get a little underfoot which can be a tad frustrating. A great solution to this minor problem is to get your children their own toy cookware set, so that they can be part of your kitchen routine without getting in the way. And depending on how realistic you want the experience to be for your child, you can buy toy cookware made from the usual plastic material, or go more the realistic route with stainless steel toy cookware items.
Toy pots and pans:
Toy pots and pans
Toy pots and pans pictured:
Top: Learning Resources Cooking Set
Bottom: Deluxe Cookware Set

Keep in mind that while more realistic, toy cookware made of metal is bound to be noisier than the plastic or wood version.

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