Tilt-out laundry hamper

Installing a tilt out laundry hamper in your kitchen utility closet, or in each of your household bedrooms, is a great way to store dirty laundry practically sight unseen. Simply toss in the dirty clothes, push back the lid and voila, it’s hidden until you’re ready to do laundry. Tilt out laundry hampers also come in beautifully designed furniture pieces that could fit wonderfully in any decor. And while regular laundry hampers are fine, and do the job admirably, there’s something aesthetically pleasing abut not seeing dirty clothes around the house.
Tilt-out laundry hamper:

Tilt-out laundry hampers pictured:
Left: Artisan Tilt out Laundry Clothes Hamper/wastebin, 33Hx28.5Wx16D, MACINTOSH OAK
Right: Fairhaven Tilt out Hamper Single, 16″Hx24″W, DARK WALNUT

These types of hampers are not portable, like some other models are, but they should have a bag inside that is removable.

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