Teen Titans Raven cosplay costume

If you intend to dress up as Raven from the Teen Titans for Halloween or for cosplay, you may find it quite difficult to find a costume. The solution may be to put together the outfit yourself by getting individual pieces. A purple wig is essential unless you intend to dye your hair. You will also need a purple cape and a turtle neck bodysuit. As for shoes short purple booties shouldn’t be too hard to find. The belt will probably the hardest element to reproduce. You may have to make one yourself.
Teen Titans Raven cosplay costume:
Teen Titans Raven cosplay costume
Teen Titans Raven cosplay costume components pictured:
Left: 35cm Medium Purple Raven From Teen Titans Cosplay Wigs Zy10
Middle: Stretch Nylon Turtleneck Bodysuit
Right: Purple fancy dress Cloak and Hood for adults 164cm/65inches

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