Swim cap for long hair

For those ladies – and men – with long, thick hair, who are avid swimmers or who simply like to jump around in the pool every now and then, chances are you have had problems with swim caps. A simple solution would be to wear a large or extra-large silicone swim cap with enough space to tuck in your long hair, extensions and dreads. This may not keep all your hair dry, but it sure beats having to struggle with a regular sized swim cap that may not even fit at all!
Swim cap for long hair:
Swim cap for long hair
Swim cap for long hair pictured: #1 Top Rated Large Swim Cap for Long, Thick, or Curly Hair by Swim On – Waterproof Silicone, Slip-On, Comfort-Fit Design – High-Quality Swim Cap For Longer Hair & High-Volume Hair Styles – A Nice Addition To Your Swimming Equipment Accessories (Black)

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