Spider girl Halloween costume

One of the cutest moments of the year when you have twins is Halloween as you dress up your children in matching costumes. This works nicely if you have twin girls or twin boys, but when you have one of each, it might take some imagination on your part. One way is to dress your children up as popular superheroes. This way you could have boy/girl costumes of each hero like Spider-man and Spider-girl. Also great for adults who want matching couple costumes. Spiderman has always been popular, and the many kinds of merchandise and costume that feature the character certainly attest to this.
Spider girl Halloween costume:
Spider girl Halloween costume
Spider girl Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: Disguise Costumes Marvel Spider Sassy Deluxe Costume
Middle: SPIDER GIRL Costume SIZE 11 TO 14
Right: Marvel Spider-Girl Deluxe Costume

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