Spaghetti strap crop top

If you like the idea of wearing a tank top or crop top that has spaghetti straps but are concerned about what to wear underneath, consider the following options. You can wear a bra underneath the top, but your bra straps are sure to be thicker than the spaghetti straps and will surely show. There are strapless bras, sports bras and even adhesive bras that you may want to look into. You can also find some tops that feature a bra built in, which may be a more comfortable way to go.
Spaghetti strap crop top:
Spaghetti strap crop top
Spaghetti strap crop tops pictured:
Left: Hot from Hollywood Women’s Spaghetti Strap Wrap V-Neck Crop Midriff Top
Middle: Sis Sis Women’s Zenana Crop Tank
Right: Basic Mini Cami Without Cup Stretch Solid Spaghetti Straps Bandeau Top One Size (One Size, Khaki)

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