Sexy mermaid Halloween costume

Whether for Halloween or any other costume party event, slipping on a sexy mermaid Halloween costume will sure to get you a lot of glances as well as full on stares. And to be sure that your focus is on all the attention you’ll be receiving, make sure you don’t have the “tail” part of the costume dragging on the ground as you could possibly trip on it, which would not be fun at all. Best to wear heels or boots that will give you a bit more height. Ideally, your hair should be long and flowing to complete the effect. Some mermaid-style wigs are available separately.
Sexy mermaid Halloween costume:
Sexy mermaid Halloween costume - 2
Sexy mermaid Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: 2pc Mermaid Mistress Costume
Middle: Sexy Delilah Mermaid Plus Size Costume – 1XLARGE
Right: Gorgeous and Sexy Mermaid with Lame’ Fin

Many mermaid costumes are very narrow at the ankles. So make sure you can walk fairly comfortably while wearing your costume, especially if you will be doing a lot of dancing.

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