Sexy goddess costume

If you are familiar with Greek mythology and you’re looking to dress up on Halloween in a sexy goddess costume, you have more than a few goddesses to choose from. And while you might not to go as Aphrodite, given that all she is known to wear is her birthday suit, there is Athena, Hera and Hestia to choose from among others. If you find that it is difficult to match a costume with a particular Goddess, you could just buy or make a very generic goddess costume from white fabric, throw in a few gold trinkets like a necklace and ear-rings, slip on some gold sandals and you’re all set.
Sexy goddess costume:
Sexy goddess costume
Sexy goddess costumes pictured:
Left: Dreamgirl Women’s Oh My Goddess
Middle: Costume Adventure Women’s Sexy Greek Goddess Costume
Right: Dreamgirl Women’s Touched By Venus Adult Costume

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