Sexy belly dancer costumes

If you’re looking to make a stunning entrance at your next adult Halloween party, a sexy belly dancer costume would definitely do the trick. You can buy full body belly dancer costumes or you can mix and match various pieces to make a customized costume. Just make sure you have the fundamentals in place, which would be a well fitting belly dancer skirt with side split, sequined top and sheer veils. To complete the look, a set of belly dancing brass finger cymbals will allow to dance and jingle like the real deal.
Sexy belly dancer costumes:
Sexy belly dancer costumes - 2
Sexy belly dancer costumes pictured:
1- Delicious Women’s Arabian Nights Sexy Costume
2- Secret Wishes Women’s Playboy Harem Girl Costume
3- California Costumes Women’s Dreamy Genie Sexy Fun Two Piece Belly Dancer Costume
4- BellyLady Belly Dance Professional Dancing Costume, Gold Fringe Bra Skirt Set

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