Seamed thigh high stockings

A classy fashion statement can be made by wearing vintage or retro clothing. Anything from pencil skirts and classic pumps to mini skirts and A-line frocks. To complement such clothing, a pair of flirty seamed thigh high stockings can truly bring out the fun in wearing vintage wear. The wide top band of thigh highs are usually stretchable to fit comfortably around most women’s thighs, but if not, a garter belt can help with that situation.
Seamed thigh high stockings:
seamed thigh high stockings
Seamed thigh high stockings pictured:
Left: Lace Garter With Black Seam – Black Gloss Seamed Stay-Up Thigh High (Hold Ups)
Middle: White Sheer Thigh High Back Seam Stockings – One Size
Right: Nude With Black Seam At The Back – Hold Ups

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