Scarf hanger organizer

If you have had enough of always having to bunch up your scarves to stuff in a dresser drawer, consider getting a scarf hanger / organizer that can simply be hung in your closet easily in a matter of seconds. You can also have the scarf hanger hang from your coat rack, making it easy to grab a scarf on the way out. Either way, a scarf hanger keeps your scarves wrinkle free and organized.
Scarf hanger organizer:
Scarf hanger organizer
Scarf hanger organizers pictured:
Left: Master Craft Scarf Hangup – Scarf Organizer, Tapioca
Right: Umbra Bijou Metal Hanging Closet Organizer

Scarf hanger organizer - b
Scarf hanger organizer pictured:
DecoBros Supreme 19 Loop Scarf / Belt / Tie Hanger Organizer Holder, Chrome

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