Roman gladiator costume sandals for men

When looking to buy a Roman gladiator costume online or at retail shops near you, you might not realize that such costumes rarely come with accessories like a gladiator’s sword, shield and shoes, which are an important part of the overall look. Fortunately, a play sword, shield and sandals can be ordered or bought separately. Gladiator sandals can also be worn along with an ancient Egyptian style costume if you have more than one costume party to attend this Halloween weekend.
Roman gladiator costume sandals for men:
Roman gladiator costume sandals for men
Roman gladiator costume sandals for men pictured:
1- Funtasma by Pleaser Men’s Halloween Roman-15 Boot
2- Funtasma Men’s Roman-12/B/PU Sandal
3- Roman Gladiator Costume Sandals Adult Select Size: One Size Fits Most
4- ELLIE SHOES – Destroyer Adult Shoes

These types of sandals vary greatly in price – some are meant to be used once or twice, while some are as well-crafted as regular footwear. Which you get will depend on your budget.

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