Rolling laundry hamper

If there was a Cadillac of laundry hampers, a rolling hamper would be it. Whether you are a college kid, a senior, or a mom or dad who does the laundry at home, a laundry hamper with wheels allows you to toss in dirty laundry without breaking a sweat. No more going from room to room trying to hold as many dirty clothes as possible to bring to the washing machine. And if you need to go out of your home to do laundry, a rolling laundry hamper makes it easier to cart your laundry from your door to the laundry room or laundromat, wherever it happens to be.
Rolling laundry hamper:

Rolling laundry hampers pictured:
Left: Honey-Can-Do HMP-01454 Deluxe Nylon Pop Up Clothing Hamper on Wheels Black 27 inches x 19 inches
Right: Whitmor 6894-3499-BB Commercial Round Laundry Hamper

The taller versions of these hampers are great for big laundry loads, but of course, the deeper your hamper, the further you will have to bend to reach the clothes at the bottom. Also, if the hamper can contain a lot, male sure the wheels of the hamper are heavy duty. These are the things that are most likely to fail.

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