Rocking lawn chair

As summer quickly approaches, you may be thinking about setting up your deck or patio with some comfortable lawn furniture to enjoy the relaxed, warm evenings. A perfect compliment to such an evening is a fold-able rocking lawn chair that you can slowly rock back and forth as you read, listen to your favorite music or catch a few Zzzz’s. And when you go camping or are hanging out at the summer cottage, simply toss the rocking chair into your car trunk and take it with you. It’s that simple.
Rocking lawn chair:
Rocking lawn chair
Rocking lawn chairs pictured:
Left: Prime Products 13-6606 La Jolla Arizona Tan Rocker Chair
Right: Prime Products 13-6506 Elite Arizona Tan Rocker Folding Chair

The most important thing when it comes to rocking chairs of any type is comfort.

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