Rectangular ironing board

If you are a beginning quilter, you may at some point need to iron some of your creations. To do this, the more experienced quilter would recommend a rectangular ironing board called the Big Board. It is a rectangular shaped ironing board that replaces the narrow leg on the end with the same width as the rest of the board, making it easier to press fabrics and quilt tops. And keep in mind to adjust the height of your ironing board so it suits your body. If it’s too low, you’ll be spending time bent over your work which may hurt your back. not something you want to do on purpose.
Rectangular ironing board:

Rectangular ironing board pictured:
Top: Reliable C60LB Longboard 2-in-1 Home Ironing Table with Extension
Bottom: Reliable C60LBCR Replacement Cover for C60LB Longboard Ironing Table

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