Portable folding rocking chair

There is something so peaceful and calming about rocking in a rocking chair. Combine that with a warm night with a breeze, and you have perfection. Thanks to portable folding rocking chairs, you can feel this type of comfort on the patio or at the camp ground. As a general rule, lighter chairs are more portable, but heavier ones tend to be more comfortable. Pick accordingly.
Portable folding rocking chair:

Portable folding rocking chairs pictured:
Left: Prime Products 13-6506 Elite Arizona Tan Rocker Folding Chair
Right: Prime Products 13-6602 La Jolla California Blue Rocker Chair

For the ultimate in comfort, you may want to opt for a chair that have thick cushions.

Portable folding rocking chair - b
Portable folding rocking chair pictured: Glide Folding Rocker

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