Pop Corn costume

Maybe you’re a film buff, a popcorn lover, or maybe you just like goofy costumes. In any case, a popcorn outfit is one of those costumes that makes a big impact at a party or when trick-or-treating. Some feature a headpiece. The best effect is when they are worn with leotards, but regular pants and shirts work too. The silliest costumes are often the ones that get the best reaction at parties, and costumes that represent inanimate objects certainly fit under that category. Don’t forget the hot butter! Available in adult or child sizes.
Pop Corn costume:

Pop Corn costume examples. Pictured:
Left: Rasta Imposta Movie Night Popcorn, Multi, One Size
Middle: Kid Kernel Child Popcorn Costume
Right: Rasta Imposta Movie Night Popcorn Children’s Costume, 7-10, Red

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