Police Halloween costumes for women

As a costume for Halloween, it’s fun to don a police uniform and head off to be the life of the party, but a police costume can also be used as a role playing device between consenting adults. A female cop outfit can add a little, or a lot, of spice in the bedroom and can be a fun alternative to the usual. Just make sure that your partner will go along with the fun and then let the games begin. Good cop, bad cop anyone?
Police Halloween costumes for women:

Police Halloween costumes for women pictured:
Left: Leg Avenue Women’s LT. Lockdown Costume, Black, Small/Medium
Middle: Roma Costume 8 Piece Dream Police, Black/Blue, Small/Medium
Right: Secret Wishes Officer Of The Law Costume, Navy, Plus

These types of costumes can be inĀ  the form of a dress, or consist of a top-and-pants or top-and-skirt combination. You might want to get some fishnet stockings or pantyhose if your legs will be exposed.
Police Halloween costumes for women - b
left: Dreamgirl Women’s Corrupt Cop ,Navy,Large
middle: Dreamgirl Officer B Naughty
right: Leg Avenue Women’s 4 Piece Deputy Patdown

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