Plus size waitress costume

Just because you may have a few extra pounds on you doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up in fun and colorful Halloween outfits. As an example, a plus size retro waitress costume or candy striper costume can be just the thing when you’re combing cute and sexy. And if you’re into the whole retro look, you can also find plus size retro bowling outfits along with cute car hop girl costumes and 50’s housewife styled outfits.
Plus size waitress costume:
Plus size waitress costume
Plus size waitress costumes pictured:
Left: Diner Delight Waitress Adult Plus-Size Costume Size 18-20 X-Large (XL)
Middle: White Bowling Shirt Dress 50s Costume Retro Waitress Costume Theatre Costumes
Right: Plus Size Costume 50s Costume Waitress Costume Pink Uniform Service 50s Diner

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