Plus-size flapper Halloween costume

A flapper costume should consist of a nineteen-twenties style dress, and either a headband with a feather or a “cloche” or bucket-style hat. Optional accessories like a very long pearl necklace, a feather boa and a long cigarette holder definitely add the the overall look. Ideally, the dress will have fringes that can sway as you walk and dance. As for footwear, heels or flats are both acceptable, as both were worn by stylish women of the roaring twenties.
Plus-size flapper Halloween costume:
Plus-size flapper Halloween costume
Plus-size flapper Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: Delicious Women’s Plus-Size Gatsby Adult Costume, Multi, Plus
Middle: California Costumes Women’s Plus-Size Fashion Flapper Plus, Black, 3XL (20-22)
Right: Jazz Time Honey Plus Size Dress

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