Plus size flapper costume

If you have been invited to attend a roaring twenties costume party, the first costume that should come to mind is that of a flapper girl. And no matter if you’re an average size woman or a plus size gal, there are plenty of flapper girl costumes out there for whatever size lady. You can either buy one already made, or you can visit some local thrift stores for some cool retro dresses and hats. Either way, make sure you have the requisite frilly and sequined flapper dress along with a feathered headband, long beaded necklace, feathered boa and for added effect, a long cigarette holder. And if you want to go the distance, watch a few old black and white gangster movies to get the vernacular of the day down.
Plus size flapper costume:
Plus size flapper costume
Plus size flapper costumes pictured:
Left: 20’s Black Flapper Costume Dress – Plus Size
Right: California Costumes Women’s Jazz Time Honey Costume,Black/White,P (16-22)

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