Plastic Utility Cabinet

When you’re in need of added storage space but don’t have the desire or budget to add a new set of built-in cabinets, a plastic utility cabinet that is easily installed in any room can come in quite handy. Whether for the garage, basement, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen or even as garden tool storage, plastic cabinets can be made to fit your needs by adjusting the inside shelves accordingly, if the model you pick has this feature. And to keep the young ones from getting inside, a simple padlock should do the trick.
Plastic Utility Cabinet:
Plastic Utility Cabinet
Plastic Utility Cabinets pictured:
Left: Rubbermaid 7083 72-Inch Four-Shelf Double-Door Resin Storage Cabinet
Right: Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Utility Cabinet with Putty Handles, Platinum

These types of cabinets are meant to be functional rather than aesthetically pleasing, so you probably wouldn’t want to place one in a kitchen or bedroom.

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