Plastic grocery bag holder-dispenser

While there are many people who bring their own shopping bags to the grocery store, there are still those who, for whatever reason, don not. If that sounds like you, and you have a lot of plastic bags stuffed in a drawer, you might want to consider buying a plastic grocery bag holder-dispenser that fits nicely inside a kitchen cabinet or hangs from a door. When you need a bag, simply pull one out from the holder/dispenser and you’re good to go.
Plastic grocery bag holder-dispenser:
Plastic grocery bag holder-dispenser
Plastic grocery bag holders / dispensers pictured:
Left: Spectrum 33200, Recycling Bag Holder, White
Middle: InterDesign Axis Over the Cabinet Bag Holder
Right: Deluxe Grocery Bag Dispenser

Plastic grocery bag holder-dispenser - b
Spectrum 33170 Wire Plastic Bag Recycler, Chrome

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