Pirate costumes for men

Pirate costumes for men or boys normally come with the usual long coats, colorful vests and ruffled shirts. But it’s the little additions and details that make a pirate costume spectacular. Accessories such as a pirate hook hand, eye-patch, pirate sword and scabbard, long and black curly wig, antique looking pistol, shoulder parrot and cuffed boot tops really pull the costume together nicely. And of course, speaking in a pirate accent with a bunch of “arrr’s” doesn’t hurt either.
Pirate costumes for men:

Pirate costumes for men pictured:
Left: In Character Costumes, LLC Men’s Captain Skullduggery Costume
Middle: Pirate Elite Collection Adult
Right: Forum Designer Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume

Footwear is especially important with this type of costume, so make sure the outfit you buy comes with boot covers.
Pirate costumes for men - b
left: Captain Hook Costume Wig (Standard)
right: Pirate Hook

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