Pink sippy cup

For your baby girl who is just weaning off of the bottle, a sippy cup is the next stage of learning how to drink from a cup that is shaped relatively like the big boys and girls use. The majority of sippy cups are designed with two handles on each side and either a hard or soft nipple to sip through. They are, for the most part, leak proof and whether it’s a pink sippy cup or a blue sippy cup, as long as they get used to drinking from it, that’s the only thing that matters.
Pink sippy cup:

Pink sippy cup pictured: Gerber Graduates BPA Free 2 Pack Fun Grips Soft Starter Spill Proof Cup 2 Handle, 6 Ounce, Horizontal, Colors May Vary

Pink sippy cup - b
NUK Fashion Learner Cup, Girl, 5 Ounce, Designs may vary

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