Baseball Halloween Costumes for Women

Whether you dress as a player or an umpire, you’re sure to hit a home run in a baseball costume. Don’t forget accessories like a baseball bat (a real one or a colorful plastic one), a mitt, a ball or a whistle if you are going for an umpire costume. Women look cute in female baseball Halloween costumes, and that may be why they are so popular. Some are made up of short dresses, or shirt-and-skirt combinations, while others feature pants and shirts.
Baseball Halloween Costumes for Women:
Baseball Halloween Costumes for Women image-1
Baseball Halloween Costume for Women pictured: Playing the Field Baseball Adult Costume

Baseball Halloween Costumes for Women - bb
1- Forplay Women’s The Babe Adult Sized Costumes
2- Leg Avenue Women’s Fastball Fox Costume
3- All American Baseball Player Plus Size Costumes
4- Dreamgirl Women’s Babe Baseball Costume, Pink, Large

Tortilla pan

If you love tortillas, you can make your own with a tortilla pan. These pans are really very basic. They are wide and flat, and usually made of cast iron. The quality of the pan is all about the quality of the cast iron – how perfectly flat it is so that it makes good contact with the burner – whether the surface is “gritty” or not – how well the pan has been pre-seasoned, if at all, to prevent sticking and rusting. Remember that any cast iron pot or pan has to be seasoned, and needs special care when it comes to washing. Tortilla pans can also be used to make pancakes or omelets. An alternative is to get a double-sided tortilla pan, similar to two-sided omelet pans. These are two pans with a hinge, for making thicker tortilla recipes. They help in flipping the tortilla without breaking it. They usually have a non-stick coating.
Tortilla pan:
Tortilla pan
Tortilla pan pictured: Country MorningTM 10-1/4″ Cast Iron Tortilla Pan

Headboard Extender – Bed Frame Extension Rails

If your headboard is not fitting correctly with your existing bed frame, you may need to extend the frame or headboard in some way. The term “headboard extender” can signify a couple of things. It can mean bed frame extension rails, normally used to adapt a frame to a larger mattress, but that can also come in handy to provide extra room for the attachment of big or odd shaped headboards.

Headboard Extender picture-4Headboard Extender picture-5

It may also refer to headboard attachment brackets, which screw on to the existing frame and allow you to affix a headboard to it.
Headboard Extender picture-2Headboard Extender picture-3Headboard Extender picture-1