Retro chrome towel bar

If you’re thinking about redecorating your bathroom but have a very small budget to contend with, consider little changes first like replacing your existing towel holder with a retro chrome towel bar. You can then add matching sink and tub faucets to go along with the new look. Such minute changes can really make a substantial aesthetic difference without putting a huge dent in your wallet.
Retro chrome towel bar:

Retro chrome towel bar pictured: Moen YB8224CH Rothbury 24-Inch Towel Bar, Chrome

Toilet paper holder table

If you find that your bathroom is small and lacking in functional space, a simple toilet paper holder table and stand can fill the storage void without taking up too much room. You then have an area for organizing and storing your toilet paper, magazines, cosmetics, stacked towels and other related toiletry items for easy access and reach. Perfect for studio apartments, dorm rooms and guest bathrooms.
Toilet paper holder table:

Toilet paper holder table pictured: Gramercy Bathroom Table and Stand with Toilet Paper Roll-Bar Holder and Storage Rack – Black Metal Frame with Scroll Design, Walnut Color Wood Top

U-shaped curtain holdbacks

If you find that your window treatments look plain and ordinary, consider installing a set of u-shaped curtain holdback hooks for a more classic decorative look. Keep in mind though that you’ll need some kind of drilling experience as these need to be mounted into your walls. However, if you’re a renter you may want to consider using a strong commercial adhesive tape so that you leave no holes or cracks when installing the curtain holdbacks.
U-shaped curtain holdbacks:

U-shaped curtain holdbacks pictured: Decopolitan Holdback U Arm Pair for Draperies, Copper