Orange over-the-knee socks

If you’re looking for a cute and bubbly look, a pair of over-the-knee socks can be a fun way to express your fashion style. Short shorts, mini skirts, long, over-sized sweaters, and even patterned tights can complement a pair of over-the-knee socks nicely. Add to these items some footwear like tall, over-the-knee boots or ankle boots, and you got a look that is all grown up while nodding to your girly side.
Orange over-the-knee socks:
Orange over-the-knee socks
Orange over-the-knee socks pictured:
1- Orange, Yellow & White Thin Stripes – Over The Knee Socks
2- Argyle Peach, Orange & Dark Orange – Over The Knee Socks
3- Orange Peach – Orange Plain Designer Over The Knee Socks
4- Orange & Black Stripes – Orange Designer Over The Knee Socks

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