Opaque green tights

If you own a pair of opaque green tights, you can of course, wear them as part of an stylish ensemble featuring a short skirt, dress or short shorts along with whatever top you feel is appropriate. However, you could also use those same green tights as part of a home made Peter Pan or Grinch Halloween costume if you so desire. And if green happens to not be your color, there are many colors to choose from.
Opaque green tights:
Opaque green tights
Opaque green tights pictured:
1- Alan Sloane Solid Colored Tights
2- Foot Traffic Solid Opaque Tights (Olive)
3- Lime Opaque Stretchy Leotard Leggings Tights
4- Hue Opaque Sheer to Waist Opaque Tight

Another good time to wear green is, of course, Saint Patrick’s Day.

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