Oktoberfest costume for women

If you’re attending an Oktoberfest event for the first time and not sure what to wear, here are a few pointers. An Oktoberfest costume for women consists of a Tracht, which is the traditional dress worn in Bavaria. The following items complete this look nicely: a bodice, short sleeve blouse with puffy cuffs, full traditional skirt called a Dirndl, pinafore or apron, pantyhose and flat shoes. This look is hugely popular with young women during Oktoberfest in Munich and other parts of the world where it is celebrated, including Canada and the United States.
Oktoberfest costume for women:
Oktoberfest costume for women - 2
Oktoberfest costumes for women pictured:
Left: Little Miss Lederhosen Adult Costume
Middle: California Costumes Bavarian Bar Maid Set
Right: Beer Garden Girl (Plus)

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