Office magazine rack

It’s no surprise that the end tables in most professional offices, barber shops and gyms always seem messy with a variety of magazines strewn about. For better organization of such materials, an office magazine rack can sort things out nicely, providing clients with greater visibility of what is available to read at a glance.
Office magazine rack:

Office magazine racks pictured:
Left: Safco Model 10-Pocket Magazine Rack, Black Onyx (5579)
Middle: Safco Model 5-Pocket Magazine Rack, Black Onyx (5578)
Right: Safco Products 18-Pocket Wood Magazine Rack (4333MO)

Office magazine rack - b
Left: Wooden Mallet 20-Pocket Cascade Magazine Rack, Medium Oak
Right: Wooden Mallet 20-Pocket Cascade Magazine Rack, Mahogany

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