Michael Jackson Halloween costumes for kids

If you’re considering dressing up your child in a Michael Jackson Halloween costume, there are a couple of MJ eras you can choose from. One of the more popular looks is the Michael “Thriller/Billy Jean/Beat It” era, with the famous zippered red leather jacket and glittering glove. Then there’s the “Bad” period where his outfit was a little more tough looking with a black zippered leather look. Either way, you will want to include black shades and MJ wig for the full effect.
Michael Jackson Halloween costumes for kids:
Michael Jackson Halloween costumes for kids
Michael Jackson Halloween costumes for kids pictured:
Left: Michael Jackson Costume, Child’s Deluxe Beat It Red Zipper Jacket Costume
Middle: Michael Jackson Costume, Child’s Bad Black Buckle Jacket Costume
Right: Michael Jackson Halloween Costume Red Military Child (Medium 8/10 [for 5-7 years])

One way to really bring the costume to life is to learn a few dance steps made famous by the King of Pop himself, the Moonwalk being the most famous.

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