Metal wall file rack

In any office, some documents need to be handy at any given moment. Yes, these documents could be filed away in large filing cabinets, but this would be a waste of time and energy since we know will be using them soon. A wall file rack in an office, reception area or waiting room is perfect for those documents we want to keep within easy reach.
Metal wall file rack:
Metal wall file rack
Metal wall file rack pictured: Safco Wall Rack Seven Pocket Steel (3185BL)

An advantage of wall-mounted racks is that they take up no valuable floor space. There are some models that rest on a desk, but these take up desk “real estate”. Both the floor and the desk models have an advantage, though: there is no installation involved.

Metal wall file rack - b
Buddy Products Mirage 7 Pocket Wall Rack, Steel, 2 x 21.5 x 9.5 Inches, Black (4810-4)

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