Metal DVD storage tower

If you’re like me, a tad on the messy side and a bit disorganized, and have your DVDs and CDs strewn all over your apartment, then a DVD storage tower is just what you need. Versatile and practical, they fit cozily snug against any wall of your home which means they do not take up a lot of space. If you think that metal seems cold, some storage towers are made in other materials such as wood, bamboo, wicker, plastic, etc. To clean these metal towers take a shammy type cloth and give the surface a light dusting.
Metal DVD storage tower:
Metal DVD storage tower
Metal DVD storage towers pictured:
1- Atlantic 63712035 Nestable 52 DVD/BluRay Games Tower – Gunmetal
2- Atlantic 1332 Onyx 65 DVD/Games Tower – Matte Black Steel
3- Atlantic 78205091 Media Folding Rack 153 CD or 72 DVD P2
4- Modern Silver Finish Metal DVD Tower Rack (40 DVDs Storage)
These types of towers are narrow enough to fit in a small space.

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