Magnetic pocket organizer

Whether for the classroom, daycare, or family room, magnetic pockets are a cute, yet practical way of keeping like items together in one central area. For example, if you have a whiteboard set up in your class or at home, a magnetic pocket organizer can keep all the items you need to use, such as wet/dry erase markers and pointers in one location, securely held. Or if you want an uncluttered home office desk, simply place all your pens and such in the pocket and place it on a metal filing cabinet for quick access.
Magnetic pocket organizer:
Magnetic pocket organizer
Magnetic pocket organizers pictured:
Left: Learning Resources Magnetic Whiteboard Storage Pocket (LER6444)
Right: Learning Resources Magnetic Mini Pockets (LER6445)

Some models of these pockets can hold a label, making it possible to personalize them.

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